4 Great Social Media Tools to Maximize Your Marketing

Every business, large and small, is trying to ride the social media wave to success. There are numerous tools available to help marketing managers reach their goals of attracting new customers, communicating with current customers, managing their online reputation, and raising the profile of their business online. But, which are the best social media management tools? Which ones really provide a good return on investment of time and/or money? Continue reading

Business Metrics: 4 Key Terms to Understanding Data

The business of understanding your business is known as metrics – measurements of various data that help you see what is happening with your company and make decisions for the future. Karola Karlson writes, “Running a successful business requires a thorough analysis of the work, sales, and financial results. And it can’t be done without tracking relevant business metrics.” They are nearly two dozen major business metrics that provide important information about your business. But, what are some of the key ones that you need to pay attention to? Continue reading

Get More Traffic Coming to Your Website With Improved Content

Information is the most valuable commodity available on the internet. People are looking for informative, practical information every day. This information is delivered in the form of content—blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, and downloads on the internet. You can boost traffic to your website by boosting the value of the content on your website. Yes, content is still king. Those who have the best content get the most visitors. So, how can you improve the content on your website? Continue reading